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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage is beneficial in many different ways. It involves the manipulation of muscles, tendons and ligaments in order to keep them healthy.

Often people think “No pain, no gain”, but if you think about pain as the body’s warning system then you need to avoid it!  I use pressure that is appropriate to your particular requirements, but will not cause damage in doing so.

Shoulders Stress - Dorset Massage TherapyImprove Muscle Quality

Even if you’re not a dedicated sports-person, I’m a firm believer that we all need to look after our bodies. Massage isn’t there just for when things go wrong. In fact, if you look after your muscles, it’s less likely that you’ll suffer injury.

Tension reduces the potential of the muscle. Massage helps to keep muscles healthy by reducing tension, breaking down adhesions and releasing restrictions. And, if you do go to the gym or play sports, it helps you to sustain activity for longer periods and improve recovery after training.

Elbow Stress - Dorset Massage TherapyScar and Tissue Damage

This kind of damage is not always visible, but it leaves you with a tight, restricted sensation. This is the result of the body attempting to repair itself after an injury, creating adhesions where tears are “stuck” back together. There are times, however, when adhesions form out of alignment, causing a feeling of tightness and restricted movement.

I can work with you to effectively separate and realign the adhesions, improving your range of movement.

Drainage of ‘Waste’ Products

The lymph system works inside all of us to keep our cells free of stagnant fluid; a filter for the body. It helps keep minor aches and pains at bay and when it’s not in full working order, can cause sluggishness and susceptibility to colds and flu.

Massage helps to drain the lymph system of excess fluid, removing waste from the body.