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Post-Christmas recovery plan!

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to 2015.

If, like me, you’ve over-indulged somewhat, spent too much time sitting around inside enjoying yourself with friends and family and neglected your usual routine, now’s the time to get back on track.

I must say, as much as I’ve enjoyed the festive season, I relish the thought of returning to my pre-festive, active self. I’m always mindful, however, that getting straight back into exercise after a week or so “off” isn’t a good idea…..

When you think about it, your muscles have had some time off, too. They need to be prepared to go back to work; they need to be “eased back in” to day-to-day activity. They

A picture of a physio therapist giving knee massage over white background

can’t go straight back to performing as they did before their time off; that’s where you risk damaging them or causing injury.

So, yes; I start having regular massages again to help with the process of getting back on form.

Muscle manipulation supports lymphatic drainage, relieving congestion in muscles and removing waste products, toxins and other metabolic by-products. And let’s face it; when does our body need that kind of help more than at this time of year?!

It improves circulation, allowing muscles to use oxygen and nutrients efficiently. In addition to all this, massage can identify areas of tightness, giving you advanced warning of potential problems so you can prevent injury before it occurs.

The cold weather itself – let alone inactivity in general- causes muscles to function inefficiently. Massage will help get them back to health and in prime shape, so when you start being active again, your range of motion will have been helped along, injury is less likely, and if damage should occur, your recovery will be quicker.

And even if you’re not a generally active person, you – or maybe someone you know – may welcome a New Year massage to relieve the general stress of Christmas!

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