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Sports Massage Therapy

Active Lifestyles

Those more active among you can benefit from massage therapy in a number of ways. It can be used as a regular maintenance treatment, to keep your muscles healthy and in prime shape so injury is less likely, and if damage should occur, your recovery will be quicker. Well-worked muscles lose capacity to relax. They become tight and lose flexibility. This leads to muscle soreness and can make you prone to injury.

Each sport makes its own demands on the body. I will work with you to develop a plan that is tailored to your lifestyle, whether as a maintenance programme or in the treatment of a specific injury.

Here are just some examples of where I can help:

Walking /hiking

Serious walkers are typically susceptible to stresses on muscles in their legs, feet and back. Apart from releasing tension in muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints and improving blood flow, massage can focus on any knots which may develop. These knots can have a detrimental effect on your posture as you compensate for the area that’s causing discomfort.

As ever, prevention of damage is preferred, so consider building massage into your regime to help ensure you’re in prime form before problems develop.


Golf - Dorset Massage TherapyTypically, golfers are prone to tightness around the head, neck and shoulder-blades. Hands and forearms are also vulnerable to soreness, as are the lower back and hips, the elbow, knee and foot. Combine this with stiffness in hamstrings and calves from all that walking, and it’s not surprising golfers commonly suffer from aches and pains.

In addition to the preventative benefits described in the section above, golfers gain increased range of movement from massage through its ability to relieve tension and improve flexibility which improves power and performance. It supports mental focus, decreasing anxiety and stress levels.

Massage therapy alleviates stresses placed on the body caused by poor swing mechanics, hitting the ground, over swinging, too little warm up, twisting during swing, grip or swing change and bending over a putt.


Gym goers put a lot of strain on their bodies as they try to push their limits. In a cycle of “tear and repair”, regular massage can be beneficial as part of your maintenance programme. The general principles remain: loosening of muscles improves your range of motion, helping you to train more efficiently. It helps to flush out toxins by optimising the lymphatic system.


Running - Dorset Massage TherapyAs part of your regular fitness regime, massage improves your performance, helps recovery should you become injured and is central to your over-all physical wellbeing. It strengthens muscles and improves flexibility. It improves circulation, allowing muscles to use oxygen and nutrients efficiently.

Muscle manipulation supports lymphatic drainage, relieving congestion in muscles and removing waste products, toxins and other metabolic by-products. It breaks down fibrous tissues, improving your range of motion and your body’s shock absorption capabilities.

In addition to all this, massage can identify areas of tightness, giving you advanced warning of potential problems so you can prevent injury. It speeds up recovery, easing fatigue and stimulates your central nervous system to provide pain relief.

Football / Contact Sports

Massage therapy can be effective in both pre-match mental preparation as well as post-match relaxation. It is instrumental on an ongoing basis in keeping muscles healthy, increasing your capacity for training and improving your range of movement and flexibility.

It relieves the effects of muscle soreness and inflammation and in the event of tears, helps to realign adhesions that have developed out of place.  Deep tissue massage can help to elongate muscles, reducing the amount of pressure on joints and so reducing the risk of injury.