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Stress and Tension

The benefits of massage aren’t confined to sportspeople. In this fast-paced world, the stress of everyday life brings can impact our general health. A number of common conditions, such as migraine, back ache, digestive problems and eczema have been attributed to stress, and can be impacted by a number of factors, including the workplace and driving.

General Stress

Shoulder massage - Dorset Massage Therapy VerwoodRelaxation is a primary benefit of massage, bringing a sense of calm and promoting a feeling of wellbeing. I can tailor your treatment according to your condition.

Office / Computer

People who spend a long time seated at a desk and using a computer are prone to suffer Computer Desk – Dorset Massage Therapyfrom a number of symptoms – anything from neck /back pain to headaches to tired eyes to carpal tunnel syndrome. This is typically the result of repetitive stress and poor seating position.

Frequently, layers of tissues become “stuck” when kept in one place for long periods. I can work with you to help relieve muscular tension and “unstick” muscles and tendons in order to maintain the flexibility of the neck, back shoulders and arms.


Neck Massage – Dorset Massage Therapy VerwoodSimilar to the effects on office workers, sitting behind the wheel for prolonged periods can result in muscle cramping and tension. This can be caused by an incorrect seating or steering wheel placement, but staying in one position for too long anyway can put strain on muscles.

Massage therapy helps to elongate muscles, improving the range of motion, easing stiffness, increasing blood flow to the area to promote healing.