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Stress causes tension. Tension causes stress!

Christmas is well and truly over, the New Year is in full swing. You may be back at work and your next holiday seems a long way away. If you’re like me, this is the time when stress levels are raised: my shoulders tense up, I get more headaches and I generally feel out of sorts.

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In serious cases, stress can have detrimental long term effects on health. In fact, there’s a whole range of illnesses and conditions which have been attributed to or exacerbated by stress, including eczema, migraine, digestive complaints, high blood pressure, heart disease, back-ache, muscular pain and depression.

Massage is more than just a treat, although we all need one of those every so often! It helps to heal the body and soothe the mind, bringing calm to sufferers.

Here are some key ways in which massage is used to help de-stress.

Tension Relief

Muscles are manipulated during a massage, which relieves tension. Daily stress – whether work-related or emotional -can cause tension in the neck and the back making them feel stiff and sore.

It’s a vicious circle; the discomfort of a tight neck and shoulders can be the cause of stress. You may not even realise that you’re suffering from tension until it’s relieved by massage.

It’s easy to understand how activities like playing sports can affect your muscles, but so can sitting in a car or at a desk all day.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, book your massage now!

  • Stiff neck,
  • Tight shoulders,
  • Stiff hands and arms,
  • Lower back

Reduced Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Anxiety can cause your heart rate and blood pressure to increase. The relaxing effect of a massage helps to lower these, inducing a feeling of calm and helping to melt away the symptoms of stress away.

Pain Reduction

Massages can provide relief from pain by reducing muscle tension and stimulating blood flow, so increasing oxygen supplies to the blood stream. Oxygen is carried through the blood stream to the muscles, helping to heal injuries and soothe sore muscles. Pain and soreness add to feelings of stress. By reducing the pain, stress is relieved.

Massage aids relief from stress and pain.

If you’re feeling the stresses of this time of year, give me a call and make an appointment!

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